About the SVH

The Student Voice Hub exists first and foremost for students. It is a space where we can discuss issues that affect our education and come up with solutions with other students in Victoria and all around Australia!

Whether you’ve got a resource to share or a story to tell the Hub wants to hear from you and if you’re looking for inspiration, motivation or a roadmap on your student voice journey you’ve come to the right place!

Designed BY young people FOR young people! We’ve created a space to celebrate the best of student voice and agency. The Hub is a place for students, teachers and everyone who is passionate about the opinions and ideas of young people.

Why do we need a Student Voice Hub?


We don’t make change alone and the Student Voice Hub aims to bring together voices of diverse students all around the state, the country and even the world. Together we are powerful and we can raise our voices to be heard.

Students are often expected to be passive participants in their own education, letting other peple make decisions for them and doing as they’re told. The Student Voice Hub is part of a world where students are the changemakers in their own experience of learning.

The Hub brings together relevant, current and inclusive stories, resources, conversations and ideas and most importantly brings together students to collaborate on solutions for the present and future of education.

How was the Student Voice Hub created?


The Student Voice Hub was developed by students and adult supporters from the Victorian Student Representative Council. The initial idea and direction for the project came from students at VicSRC Congress 2016 and extensive consultation with students, teachers and other stakeholders in the education and youth sectors.

The Student Voice Hub Working Group of four key students and two key adult supporters contributed countless hours to the writing and editing of the Student Voice Hub’s resources, we are extremely grateful for their contribution and leadership during the design and beta phases of the Hub.


The Student Voice Hub was developed with support from the Victorian Department of Education and Training.