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Editorial Team

The editorial team exists to create a safe and inclusive space – an atmosphere in which student voice can be discussed by anyone; to ensure meaningful ideas and guide those ideas into actions. We encourage collaboration for change and active participation in local communities and beyond.

If you are interested in joining the editorial team contact us.


Aaran is currently a Year 12 Student in Melbourne. Besides the 90% of time when he’s sleeping, he loves to advocate for student voice and support student wellbeing through his school SRC and of course catch up on the latest shows on Netflix. He’s looking forward to see what the Editorial Team can accomplish in what has already been a hectic 2020!


Anna is a year 12 student from Wesley College, SKR. She’s a proactive member at the school’s Publications Committee, and being a keen student voice activist, decided to join the Student Editorial Team this year. She can often be found reading random historiography or giving out random history facts read during late night Wikipedia page runs.


Grace is a year 10 student at an independent school. She is a passionate advocate for youth mental health and loves to use her lived experience and training to help others in her community. When she isn’t studying, you can find Grace providing IT support to her friends or contributing to various community groups. She hopes to bring her slightly obsessive grammar skills and her experience in networking to the team to make the most positive difference possible.

Connor is a keen (almost) 16-year-old boy. He loves writing short stories, mostly about crime and mysteries. He enjoys getting his name out there and being well-known by his peers. One of his favourite hobbies is SFX makeup, in which he is self-taught. He is very kind and caring and will always be up for a good chat!

Jade is a Year 12 student from a rural school; she is passionate about changing the way students perceive and interact with their education and how schools can improve their environmental footprint. In her spare time, she volunteers for VICSES and is a passionate swimming teacher and lifeguard. Jade is excited to share her ideas, tips and strategies to help you improve your school and your education in a current and meaningful way.

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Daria is a year 10 student who loves reading, writing and travelling. Aspiring to a career in science, she is passionate about STEM and STEAM (arts included) in schools. Daria is very happy to be a part of the editorial team at VicSRC because she would like to share her voice about education and help students like herself grow into inspiring leaders of tomorrow.

Issy is a queer autistic person who proudly advocates for representation in all forms, especially in writing and education. They hope to make an impact following the ‘think global, act local’ mantra and loves to write as a way of making that impact. They hope to contribute to SVH and the editorial team in writing and networking.

Sienna is a strong advocate for student voice, leadership and partnership, and is an active leader within her community. When she is not at school, you can find her in a meeting (she has a lot!), reading a good book, or hanging with her dog. One day, Sienna hopes that student voice is not only widely recognised within every school, but is used by the students to make positive impacts and change in a way that means the most to them.

Noah is a 15-year-old gay aspiring author. Noah writes short stories and fanfiction in his spare time and is hoping to begin working on his first novel. Noah is a big advocate for equal rights and representation for the LGBTIQ+ community and often tries to prevent hate by educating those who don’t know of or understand the issues around it. He is looking forward to working with the editorial team and sharing his writing throughout the year.

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Tina is a year 12 student from Melbourne. She is passionate about sharing stories, learning about the world, and using her experiences to make real, impactful change. Through the Student Voice Hub, she hopes to facilitate positive and empowering discussions.

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