Meet the Team

Editorial Team

The editorial team exists to create a safe and inclusive space – an atmosphere in which student voice can be discussed by anyone; to ensure meaningful ideas and guide those ideas into actions. We encourage collaboration for change and active participation in local communities and beyond.

If you are interested in joining the editorial team contact us.


Hi there! I’m glad to see that you’re visiting the Student Voice Hub website. The name’s Tina, and I’m currently a year 11 student from Melbourne. I’m passionate about sharing stories, learning about the world, and using my experiences to make real, impactful change. Through this, I hope that it will contribute to a better world.

I’m super excited to see how your student experience will shape the Student Voice Hub, and the change that you make! 🙂


Hi, I am currently in Grade 9 at Keilor Downs College. I am on the student voice council at my school taking action on issues such as Gender Equality and Respectful Relationships. I am really passionate about improving student voice and I believe that students should have a say on their education as they are the people who are experiencing everything in the first place. No matter how old you are, you have the opportunity to speak up, use your voice and create change! I am so strong-minded about issues that need to be resolved and now being a part of the Editorial Team, I can turn my love for writing into reality to express myself! My favourite subjects at school are Science and Food Tech, also I play tennis! My favourite thing to do on a weekend would probably be to watch movies, go shopping and to relax!


Hey there! I’m Nalini, a year 10 student from metropolitan Melbourne. A debater, public speaker, SRC member and social justice activist, I’m a rare case – I actually enjoy school. However, whilst I love my school and everything it offers, I know that education accessibility is a problem for many students and that’s something that needs to change.

One of my favourite areas of study is philosophy, an area that I’ve undertaken for VCE. I love thinking critically, as well as opening my mind to the perspectives of others. (And, of course, questioning the existence of the table in front of me which my teacher refers to as a cluster of atoms that I perceive to be a table, and, in reality, cannot be proven to exist).

Some of my hobbies include making and editing videos as well as writing and graphic design. From these it’s probably clear that I’m into communication; I think transparency is important among any body of people. And I’m excited to witness the power of student voice as a member of the editorial team.

SVH Working Group

The Student Voice Hub Working Group has led the planning and development of the Student Voice Hub.
As a team of students, their leadership in designing the Student Voice Hub reflects the student-centered and student-led principles that guides the Student Voice Hub and the VicSRC.

Cohen, Alyssa L, Bri and Alyssa S (pictured) are the four secondary school students who made the key decisions behind the Hub, based on the direction provided by Congress 2016 delegates and extensive consultation with students, teachers and our friends and partners in the education and youth sectors.

The students of the Working Group were also generously assisted by longtime VicSRC supporters Roger Holdsworth (Connect Magazine) and Scott Duncan (School Leader). They contributed countless hours to the writing and editing of the Student Voice Hub’s Resources.