2019/2020 VicSRC Executive Campaign

Hey there SVHers!

You might have noticed that the blog has been flooded with some fresh faces today! That’s because we’re at the start of the voting period for the very exciting, all important elections for the VicSRC Executive Committee! Everyone you see featured in the blogs is currently campaigning to become part of the 2019/20 VicSRC Exec! There is also a page dedicated to our nominees which you can find here!

Who are these Exec you speak of? I’m just here for the sweet blog posts and forums!

The Exec are your representatives in Victorian education advocacy! They run VicSRC (VicSRC runs the SVH) and get to spend a whole year working with staff and stakeholders and Victorian students to make change in the Victorian education system!

You can find out who the 2018/19 Exec are right here!

Okay, but why are they here?

Well, this is where the campaign is happening! You can scroll through below to see who all the nominees are, read a little bit about them and ask them questions in the comments!

Ooh, now I want to vote!

Great! All VicSRC Student Members are eligible to vote. Signing up to be a student member is FREE and takes but a moment. Check our student opportunities page  to see what other rad perks you get and ours sign-up page to sign up straight away.

Anything else?

The campaigning runs from right now until Monday the 12th of August. That’s when you can start voting. And you can keep on voting until Sunday the 25th of August (inclusive, that means you can vote on Sunday the 25th but NOT Monday the 26th).

Then you’ll get to find out who’s in Your New Executive at our Student Voice Awards on the 24th of October.

Group of students who make up the VicSRC executive team

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  1. It’s amazing to see all the candidate profiles! Make sure that you vote so you can have your say on the Executive Committee for 2019-2020, don’t miss out on an opportunity to have your say on who represents your voice!

  2. What an incredible group of students, I’m sure whoever gets elected will do a fantastic job at it! Good luck y’all! 100% agree with Aaran, this is your chance to elect your representatives at a state level.

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