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This information applies to Victorian students in government schools and is correct as of Wednesday, 29th of April, sourced from the Department of Education (DET).


Update: What’s happening with students getting access to devices?!

  • The Victorian Government has said that every student who needs access to a device (laptop, notebook or tablet) or the internet, will be provided with that access.
  • The demand for devices and internet access has been really massive! Unfortunately, these things take time.
  • Schools have been asked to loan out their existing devices. They can also use different funding to buy equipment to loan to students. The last resort is the Government loaning laptops and tablets to students, via schools.
  • You need to request to loan a device from your school.
  • When loaning out devices, schools will prioritise students in the highest year levels (i.e. year 12 and 11 for secondary schools, and Year 6 for primary schools), and students who don’t have access to devices at home. The priority students includes:
    • Students whose families have a concession card
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
    • Students in out of home care
    • Students in the youth justice system
    • Students from asylum seeker families, or who are from families on a bridging or temporary protection visa.
  • If you need a device but you don’t fit into those categories, you should still request a device from your school! But it might take a bit longer to get to you so it’s worth chatting to your school about other options for learning from home.
  • You don’t get to keep the device! You have to return it to your school or the Department once you go back to face-to-face learning.


Update: What’s happening with students getting access to the internet?!

  • Again, the demand for devices and internet access has been really massive, and takes time.
  • The Department of Education and Training has delivered SIM cards (for devices that have a SIM card slot) and dongles (for devices that have a USB connection) to some schools.
  • Priority is being given to:
    • Schools in bushfire-affected areas
    • Year 11 and 12 students
    • Families who don’t have an internet connection at home.
  • You can contact your school about getting access to these SIM cards and dongles
  • If you can’t get access to the internet from home your school needs to give you hard-copy learning resources. These can be sent to you in the mail or collected from the school.
  • You don’t get to keep the SIM card or dongle forever, you’ll need to return it when you go back to face-to-face learning!


This information applies to Victorian students in government schools and is correct as of Wednesday, 22nd of April, sourced from the Department of Education (DET)’s communications with schools. 


Loan computers

The Department of Education (DET) and schools are loaning laptops, notebooks and tablets to support students to learn from home. Your school should have asked you about your needs and then reported this to DET.

It is easiest at the moment for your school to loan you a device and then DET will send out more devices to schools where needed. 

Still can’t get a device? The State Schools Relief program provides devices (to keep) to students facing hardship. Your school can apply on your behalf  talk to your teacher and school about this to see if you are eligible. 


Internet devices

DET has given out 550 internet access devices to schools in bushfire-impacted areas and schools with highly vulnerable students.

DET has 4,500 internet access devices to send out over the next 2 weeks. Priority will be given to disadvantaged and vulnerable year 11 and 12 students. Your school should know by the beginning of week 3 (Monday, 27th of April) what they are getting.

DET has received more requests for devices than they have been able to secure and have already placed orders for lots more but these won’t be available for several weeks. 

While waiting for internet access devices, your school should provide you with printed learning materials or a USB drive! 


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