Congress 2020 Wrap Up

ICYMI Congress 2020 went online and it was a blast! Check out the links below to make sure you’re up to speed on everything that happened, what was discussed and what comes next!

So what are the issues?

We started off with a pitch session where all delegates had the opportunity to pitch the issues that were important to them in education. You can check out our live tweet of the pitch session right here.

The we voted on the top ten issues to pick the ones we’d work on for the rest of the week, here’s what we picked:

Our top issues for Congress 2020 are igniting Indigenous inclusion, real world skills, educate then express, mental health education, inadequate sex education, too much focus on academics, students with a voice, fair go VCE, sustainability in schools and engagement, enjoyment, endeavour!

What next?

We finished off the first day with an AMAZING panel of students talking about their different experiences of education – you can check it out right here!

Then we were off! We spent the next two days hard at work in our action teams. We did get to have a break on day two to watch an AWESOME performance by The Winter Flares that you can still see on our Facebook right here!

How did it turn out?

Great! We had our Action Forum on the final day and were absolutely blown away by all of the actions presented! Check out our twitter threads and the action plans for each issue below! And keep an eye out here and on our social media for the Congress 2020 report coming soon!

ACA-much twitter thread

Students with a Voice twitter thread

Fair Go VCE twitter thread

Igniting Indigenous Inclusion twitter thread

Educate then Express twitter thread

Sustainability in Schools twitter thread

Inadequate Sex Education twitter thread

Mental Health Education twitter thread

Engagement Enjoyment Endeavour twitter thread

Real World Skills twitter thread