DET Advice Term Three

As we return to school either face-to-face or remotely, there are a few questions floating around. 

Here are the answers: 

Am I learning from home? Remote learning at school? Or face-to-face learning at school? 

There are a few options for how you will be doing school for the next few weeks based on where you live and what your situation is, here’s a guide to how term three will look for you: 

Students who will be face-to-face learning at school: 

  • All students that live outside the metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire council areas.
  • All VCE and VCAL students (including year 10 students for VCE and VCAL classes).
  • All students attending specialist schools.

Students who can attend school for remote learning every day or some days:

  • Students whose parents can’t work from home.
  • Students in out-of-home care.
  • Students that are identified at risk or vulnerable.
  • Students with a disability. 

Students who will be learning remotely at home: 

Whether you are learning remotely at home or at school, you will be doing the same program. 

If you are attending school in metro Melbourne or Mitchell Shire council areas you will have your temperature checked each day, be provided hand sanitiser at entry points and encouraged to wash your hands often. You will also be reminded to physically distance as much as you can. 


What’s the deal with wearing a face mask at school? 

Face masks are not required to be worn by children, young people or adults in schools but if you want to wear a face masks then you are allowed to and your school must respect that. A face mask is an extra layer of protection though and keeping up with physical distancing, good hygiene and staying at home if you’re unwell is most important.


How much work should I be doing at home? 

Schools should provide AT LEAST this much work for you each day:

Prep – year 10

  • Reading, writing, speaking 45-60 minutes 
  • Maths 30-45 minutes
  • Physical activity 30 minutes
  • Additional curriculum activities between 30 – 90 minutes depending on year level

If you are getting too much or not enough work for you – talk to your teachers about how you’re coping. 


What about camps and excursions? 

Schools in metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire council areas cannot have excursion or camps. 

Schools outside those areas can as long as the excursions and camps are not in metro Melbourne or Mitchell Shire. 


Will school buses still operate if I need to attend school? 

All school bus programs in Victoria will continue to operate as normal unless your school informs you otherwise. 


I’m feeling really stressed/sad/angry/all of these things. Where can I get some help? 

Talk to a trusted teacher or adult at home or school. They’ll be able to get you connected to someone who can help you. This might be your local GP or a GP, counsellor or mental health worker at school. 

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone at school yet, try these websites for advice and support: 


How can I get a device or access to internet to learn remotely at home or at school? 

Most students should still have the devices and dongles from term two but if your school asked you to return them or your situation has changed and now you need a device or dongle or both, the first place to go is your school – they will be your first stop for borrowing devices and dongles. 

Low income families that do not currently have an active nbn connection may be able to access more affordable nbn broadband options through the nbn Education Assistance Package; for more details and to find out if your family is eligible, click here.


You can also find recommendations straight from VicSRC’s ‘Learning from remote learning’ report below!

Returning-to-Remote-Learning-recommendations-and-advice-direct-from-students.pdf (554 downloads)