Government school loan devices from 2020

In some great news from the Department at the end of 2020 we found out that students who had been loaned devices by government schools (including computers and tablets) to assist them with remote learning would be able to keep those devices moving forward. Now we know a bit more about what that looks like. We’ve included all the information we have below but let us know if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to find out the answers.


Wow, I just get to keep it?

Yep! Your parent or carer will probably have to sign some forms, make sure you talk to your school about this.


I gave my device back to my school at the end of last year. Do I still get to keep it?

Yep! Your school should be returning it to you at the start of term, so hopefully this week!


I don’t know a lot about computers, will the school help me?

Your school should provide you with the same level of tech support they’d provide for any computer they own or any device that’s part of a ‘bring your own device’ program. This might look different from school to school but broadly yes, they should be able to help you with basic tech support.


What if the computer breaks or gets stolen? Can I get another device?

Unfortunately schools will not be able to replace devices.


Is there a warranty?

There should be! All school devices come with warranties and this can be transferred into your name when you take ownership of the device. The school should be able to help you with details and calling the warranty holder to let them know.


What about insurance?

School insurance will no longer cover the device and you and your family will have to organise insurance.


I’m not at the same school I was last year, do I still get to keep the device they gave me?

Yep! It’s yours now. If you gave it back at the end of last year you might have to get in touch about reclaiming it. If you still have it you might need to take it back to your old school temporarily to have any programs or information that belong to your school wiped from it.

Check with your school about the processes they’ve got in place but these overarching principles should help guide you!

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