How do home-educated students feel right now?

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Hi VicSRC,

Thank you for the email and asking me about my opinion. I am a bit different to other primary school kids because l am already educated at home. My education has been much better since l have been at home so maybe I can tell you a bit about my experience.

1. How do you feel about this virus impacting your school?

It doesn’t impact my school too much because l am with the Virtual School and things there have just continued like normal.

2. How do you feel about doing school online?

This is how l have done schooling full time for over a year now. Virtual School have a fantastic program and it is really fun learning virtually. I see teachers each day for different classes but mum and l have a timetable for all of my other work.

3. What sort of information do you have about what learning at home is like?

This is what mum and l have learnt so far:

Mum is my mum first and my education supervisor second. My teacher is my teacher.

This is important because parents shouldn’t be teachers because it can be very hard on relationships. If I have problems or get frustrated or don’t like particular topics, l can’t get mad at mum because of the work. I contact my teachers and they help me. The teachers give me the work and mum supports me and supervises me. This is really important for us.

Another thing l’ve learnt is having a routine is essential. My routine has snack breaks, exercise breaks, brain breaks and time not learning on my computer is also really important. Last week l made a Banksy stencil artwork that I spray painted after we did a lesson on the UK.

I start my day with routine and play dates and sports after school are still in my routine. Friday is my day with nothing planned so l can finish of things not done, rest or play.

4. What kind of support do you like from your teachers?

I like my teachers who telephone me once a week for a 5 minute chat because hearing their voice is really nice and it builds our relationship. I also like being able to email them or message them when they are online for quick answers I need.

I am worried that lots of kids are now going to want to do home education. I feel really special being a home educated kid and now l might just be like everyone else again.

Thank you, this was fun.
From Mindil, grade 5 student

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