Meet Joe! Your new VicSRC Executive Committee Member

A photo of Joe, one of the 2019-2020 VicSRC Executive Committee members

Our next Exec for 2019-2020 introduction is Joe!

Why did you run for VicSRC Student Exec?

This year I decided to run for Exec because of my two younger sisters. They’re about to enter school, and I just wanted to make school life, not only better for them, but for every student state-wide. Besides, when I heard the format to run for Exec changed, it incentivised me to throw myself off the deep end, as I’m quite the quiet type and big crowds intimidate me, so the traditional way of running would have absolutely been frightening. But that wouldn’t have kept me from standing in front of all of you!

What has your been your experience of Student Voice?

My experience in student voice has been quite fun, if I do say so myself. Those once dreadful, weekly meetings, I’ve come to learn to enjoy with several other amazing like-minded individuals. We often plan, run and organise charity events and don’t really get any fancier than that. I’m hoping that in the next few years we can shift the focus to more elaborate, student centred movements that can positively influence our education system and schooling environment. Our meetings are run by students, where the agenda is decided amongst office bearer roles who come together to create a mini “executive team.” I don’t really know if this counts as a student voice achievement, but it’s fairly uncharted territory for my student voice as we recently have been getting students to sit on panels to help decide incoming staff. For example I once sat on an interviewing panel of four students, and we absolutely grilled our new potential Assistant Principals. Ah, good times, good times.

What issues are you passionate about?

Last year I attended Congress, on the lucky chance of another student from my school dropping out last minute, and have been stuck with VicSRC ever since. Sigh. Just kidding! I was overwhelmed with the amount of young, inspiring, passionate individuals striving for transformative, positive change and have been around ever since. Truly nothing like I’d ever seen before. This year’s Congress priorities are definitely the most unique I’ve seen, you guys really went all out. I’m excited to see what we can achieve in a twelve month time frame in regards to Politics 101, FUNDamental Equity, Climate Crisis, Real World Skills and Sustainability Education, to create a strong foundation in which it can grow and transform our education system. It’s hard to pick a favourite. I look forward to seeing you all (hopefully🤞🏻)at congress this upcoming July, or at any VicSRC events so we can get to know each other, share thoughts and ideas and have a great time!

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