Meet Sonany! Your new VicSRC Executive Committee Member

Photo of Sonany, one of the 2019-2020 VicSRC Executive Committee members

Hello everybody! My name is Sonany, I am currently a year nine student from Melbourne’s west and am one of the new Exec for the 2019-2020.

So… why did I run for Exec?

I ran for the VicSRC Executive Committee because I am really passionate about education, leadership, student voice, seeking new opportunities, and also, I have a strong desire to positively influence other students in Victoria. In addition, the nurturing staff and teachers at my school suggested that I took this new opportunity and experience to open new doors, learn new skills and meet new people!

Is student voice practiced at my school?

At my school, our student voice is strongly and happily supported by the principal, staff, parents and most importantly, the students. It is also often practiced by many at school! We have two groups for student voice, one is known as ‘Student Leaders’ and the other group is called ‘Social Justice’. The Student Leaders group consists of two school captains, two vice-captains, eight house (sport) captains and twelve SRC members, whereas, the Social Justice group consists of two year ten social justice captains and six other students (two from year seven, two from year eight and two from year nine). Student leaders mainly ensure students have a say and focus on student needs, as well as, plan events, encourage students and develop the school. On the other hand, the Social Justice team also makes sure students have a say, however, they also focus on the needs of the broader community and how our school can assist. Though the Student Leaders and the Social Justice are separate groups, they do work closely together to ensure students at school have a say and they try to implement it. I am part of the Student Leaders and am part of the Student Representative Council.

With our strong desire and ambition to positively impact and influence others, the Student Leaders, along with the Social Justice, have reached out to other schools, our local community, our broader community and several parliament members.

What is my experience of student voice?

First and foremost, what is student voice? Well, according to the ‘Department of Education’, “Student voice acknowledges that students have unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling, and should have the opportunity to actively shape their own education. Student voice involves students actively participating in their schools, communities and the education system, contributing to decision making processes and collectively influencing outcomes by putting forward their views, concerns and ideas”. Over the past few years, I’ve been heavily involved within the student voice groups within my schools, either as, SRC, student leader or as a captain, trying to strive for change!

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