Back at school: now what?

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Most of us are returning or have already returned to face-to-face learning. Some – well, most – of us are very stressed about it. It has been way too long. Our teachers are excited to see us all, but I can’t say that it’s the same the other way around. There are definitely going to be quite a few problems with going back, including our social life, considering that we basically lost it completely over this isolation period. We’ll all need some help getting back into a routine. Now, where should we start?


It is definitely going to be a lot harder to keep up with our work load when going back to school. We got a whole lot more work over this isolation period, but it would’ve been a lot easier to handle considering the amount of free time most of us had. Since we’re back at school, the teachers will slightly ease off on work, but we will still get a lot of work to juggle. (Hopefully not literally…)

Sometimes, 10 assignments assigned in one day can be tough, and can impact on quite a few things, such as mental health, stress, learning ability, and so on. Do you have your own way to handle this?

My way of handling stress after getting all these assignments is to prioritize my work, sorting the tasks according to when they are due. So if you have a small PowerPoint due in tomorrow, and a three-page essay due on Friday, do the PowerPoint first! You’ll have time for the essay afterwards. (I can’t believe I only came up with this this year, it would’ve helped me through so much in the past.) Prioritizing doesn’t mean completing the bigger assignments or harder ones first, it is completing the ones due in sooner. It really lifts off stress from my shoulders, and hopefully will help lift some off yours too! If I left it too late, and found out about this next year, I would have probably gained a really bad back condition of some sort.


What’s that I hear? You want another tip for homework? Sure thing! To save time after school for homework:, I suggest not doing homework straight after school, or straight after dinner, and I also suggest not starting that assignment the night before. There’s no need to waste sleep over this, take your time with these tasks.

My suggestion would be to, when you get home, relax. You’ve had a stressful day. Eat a banana, or a kiwi, I don’t what you prefer – as long as it has nutrients. Sit down somewhere comfortable and watch some YouTube, smile, laugh, enjoy yourself. Gossip about the cute people at school if you have to. Maybe even get some exercise and go for a stroll, breath in that oxygen you’ve missed. You deserve some time to wind down and enjoy life. After a couple hours, I’d suggest playing some music or putting on Netflix, or anything calming, and pull up some homework and get started. You don’t need to complete you work the same night, you can do it over time. Maybe do some in the morning, because sleeping on something will always be good and actually helps you come up with answers to some difficult topics. After some time spent working, go and have dinner and then wind down for the rest of the night. You need some beauty sleep you gorgeous human!


But what about social side of school? The social side of school is important, just as important as the learning side. Sure, the homework side of school is stressful, but the social side can be a whole lot worse. You most likely haven’t seen most, or maybe even any, of your friends over this period, so don’t be surprised if half of them shaved their heads. Since you haven’t seen these people in so long, it will be hard to speak to them and socialise again because all of a sudden you are physically unable to do so. You’ll have no idea what to say or do, or how to act, some people could’ve changed and a lot of people could’ve just disappeared from your life randomly. My tip is to slowly move back into friendships. Hang out with your closest friends at school first, stick by them for a while and complain about all the annoying teachers. After a while, when you are more comfortable existing in the school halls, spread yourself out: say hi to a few more people and possibly even introduce yourself to more friends. After you are comfortable with that, go a bit further, maybe find some new people to hang out with, join a new friend group, find a new lunch time hobby.

It’s always important to have a social life at school, friends (and also enemies!) will teach you many lessons, even without you knowing. You need friends; it’ll help you build a resilience up for your future life. Having a social life is important during your schooling years.


That about wraps up my short little article for going back to school – let me just say that I know how you all feel. This time is very stressful for all of us. It all seems new to us, all of a sudden moving straight from the comfort of your bed on a computer all day straight to a classroom again, with a whole bunch of new rules. Just give it time, you’ll get used to it.

If you get stressed, take a breath and relax; it’ll be okay, everything will be okay. Remember to keep smiling. Always keep learning. This isolation was tough but I knew we would get through it. Well done, I’m proud of you all, very proud. You did very well.

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