Roadmap for returning to school

Welcome back! It’s been a little while since we’ve had much to update on but we’re approaching the end of term three now and there’s talk of re-opening the state and returning to classrooms. But what is the actual timeline? We’ve translated for you below!

Keep in mind that this timeline is dependent on cases of COVID-19 continuing to go down. If they don’t we might all be learning from home for a while longer!

Update for Sunday 27th September 2020:

The Premier has announced that due to (get official phrasing, good job Melbs) the planning has begun for metro students beyond VCAL and VCE students to return to school. Current advice is that Prep to Grade 6 students will return to face-to-face learning along with metro senior students and rural and regional primary students in the week beginning the 12th of October.

Metro students in Years 7-10 return to face-to-face learning remains subject to further advice.


Update for Wednesday, 16th September 2020:

The Premier announced changes to restrictions in rural and regional Victoria this week. This means that primary schools students in rural and regional Victoria will return to face to face learning week one of term 4. Secondary school students will continue remote learning during week one to allow VCE students to complete the GAT and then will return to face to face learning week two of term 4.

Term three

For the rest of term three everyone who has been learning from home will continue to do so.

Term four

Once we get to term four things start to look a little different.

  • Week 1, starting October 5th
    • Senior secondary students will do VCE/VCAL essential assessments on-site 
    • VCE students doing the GAT on October 7th will do it on-site
    • All other students who have been learning remotely continue to learn remotely
  • Week 2, starting October 12th
    • Metro: Prep-2, VCE/VCAL students (including yr 10 VCE) and specialist schools return to on-site learning
    • Regional & rural: all students can return to on-site learning. Schools can make individual decisions about whether different grades return on different days but all regional and rural students should be back in classrooms by the 16th of October.

The return of all other metro students currently learning from home isn’t clear yet and will depend on what happens with the rest of the state.

So that’s what we know so far! And we want to hear from you – are you excited to go back to school? Are you hoping they’ll implement some of the recommendations from our Learning from remote learning report when you do? Tell us what you think about this timeline so we can let DET know!

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