VCE assessment announcement

“That’s why the message to every single student is that, ‘You will be individually assessed. You will be at no disadvantage when you step into the VCE exams at the end of the year.'”

– James Merlino, Minister for Education


But what does that actually mean?

Here’s what we know so far:

  • This year, every student will be assessed individually and the impacts of COVID-19 will be taken into account.
  • This assessment will be overseen by the VCAA and would take into account disruptions to learning due to COVID-19 including:
    • school closures
    • increased family responsibilities
    • school absences
    • impacts on mental health.
  • Schools will provide information to VCAA about every year 12 student that includes their expected achievement level before the pandemic, their current achievement level and any school assessments that were done before remote and flexible learning began.
  • VCAA will also take into account the GAT and a “range of statistical analyses”.
  • VCE Exams and the GAT will still take place in 2020 but this individual assessment will act as a safeguard to ensure no student’s final score or ATAR is disadvantaged by the impacts of COVID-19.

The Deputy Premier also announced increased mental health supports including:

  • Mental health practitioners in all P-12 and Specialist schools across Victoria.
  • Increased mental health training for secondary school teachers.
  • The Navigator program has received extra funding to help re-engage those students who might have left education during this time. Check out DET’s website for further info.


Here’s what we don’t know (based on some of the questions you’ve asked!) and will be seeking answers to:

  • How will teachers who have only taught a student for one term before remote learning be able to accurately assess their expected achievement level before the pandemic?
  • When will this process take place?
  • How will students let schools know if they have been disadvantaged by COVID-19 and what if they don’t feel comfortable disclosing their situation to their teacher?
  • How will SACs happen during term 3?
  • How will exams cater for the learning that is happening online?


For senior students

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) has a COVID-19 advice page on its website, but if you still have questions you can call the VCAA hotline on 1800 134 197.


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