Year 6-7 Transition Planning

There’s lots of talk about VCE/VCAL and senior high school students but we’ve also heard quite a bit from students who are moving to Year 7 in 2021. These students are worried about what’s going to happen with their transition plans and we’re here with the latest info from DET to update you!


  • Your parent or carer needs to fill out a Year 7 placement application form before the 15th of May. This form is on the Department of Education and Training’s website. 
  • You can list up to three schools you would like to go to next year
  • You will find out which school you are going to on the 5th of August
  • All Year 7 students will have an orientation day at the start of December


I didn’t get to go to all the high school open days!  

That’s rough. Picking a school can be hard! For now we recommend you look at the school’s website and talk to any students you know who already go there. 

You should also be able to email or call different schools to ask them questions about their school. 


I need more help picking my new school 

Your Year 6 Coordinator, Transition Coordinator or Principal can give you some advice!


Will orientation days definitely still happen?  

We can’t say for sure right now. We will keep you updated with any changes that happen this year.


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