Blog Posting Guidelines

Thanks so much for your interest in contributing to the Student Voice Hub! We’re always on the lookout for new student perspectives. This is a great opportunity to gain some experience writing and get your work out there!


What we write about

We are a news source by students, for students. We’re committed to bringing you stories from across the state – stories of great student voice, and students using student voice to tackle issues, and the latest ideas, issues and changes affecting students like you!


Our Blog categories

  1. Issues that affect young people.
  2. Great examples of student voice; if your school has done something that enhances Student Voice we want to hear about it!
  3. Challenges to student voice; if you’re struggling to be heard we want to know!
  4. Stories of student experience.
  5. Case studies: if you or your school is uploading resources to the Hub we want to hear how they work from your perspective!


Why Contribute?

You can use your experience writing on the Student Voice Hub when applying for jobs or other opportunities.

You will be helping to spread student voice across the state, even the world!

We will also share your blog across our Student Voice Hub socials.


So what makes the perfect blog post?

  • Read our blog – get a sense of what we publish.
  • Tell a story – cover who, what, when, where, how and why. Share things you’ve done and seen, the lessons you’ve learned, problems you’ve solved…
  • Use a friendly voice – informal and friendly is fine and personal pronouns (I, me) are welcome.
  • Solutions focussed – make sure you’re not just complaining. Think about what problems you’ve solved and what changes you’ve made.
  • Co-sponsoring – if your school is uploading resources or if you want to write about your school see if they’ll co-sponsor your post! Then we can link to their profile.


What we don’t accept

  • Advertising – we don’t accept advertising on the blog. We’ve got places and times for those and it’s not here.
  • Propaganda – we don’t publish blogs that are propaganda or marketing for a specific school. We’re looking for stories about the student experience with depth and awareness.
  • Slander – conversely we won’t publish a school name without the school’s consent. We de-identify schools and individuals featured in our blog posts.


The Editorial Process

  • Reach out to our Student Editorial Team!
  • Submit an article following the guidelines above
  • Articles will be reviewed as they are received – it may take several days to respond so please be patient!
  • We’ll work with you to make any necessary edits top your article
  • We’ll let you know when your articles goes live!
  • You can submit as many articles as you like!