Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Student Voice Hub, an online environment for students, teachers and other members of the school community to connect, communicate and learn.

We value your contributions to our site and encourage you to use our forums to interact with other students and enhance student voice at your school!

We also want to make sure that the Student Voice Hub is a safe and trustworthy source of information for our community.

When contributing to the forums please ensure you use the following guidelines:


Get Involved

The more you contribute the more you’ll get out of your forum experience. We get it, posting can be overwhelming, but it’s worth giving it a go.

A good way to start is by liking a post you find interesting or helpful.


Be Friendly and Respectful


  • Respect what others think and believe
  • Be friendly to other members
  • Give credit to others if you used their ideas or words
  • Think about what you’re posting – this is a dialogue about ideas, not people
  • Never post inappropriate, obscene, offensive or provocative content
  • Never personally attack or troll other members
  • Never post abusive, harassing, insulting or threatening content
  • Never create posts that might incite hatred – or are discriminatory on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, sexuality, ability or other personal characteristics


Keep your Posts Relevant and Constructive

You can keep the conversation flowing by posting in the correct forum, keeping to the topic of the thread and adding constructive posts.


  • Search other posts to see if your topic has already been covered
  • Try to get your point across clearly and concisely
  • When creating new topics, use the drop down menu to set its category
  • Make sure any links you include are relevant
  • Write clear subject lines
  • Do not use these forums for private conversation
  • Do not provide advice that might fall into a professional domain (eg. medical or legal advice)
  • Do not post links or advertising – if you’r involved in an event you think would interest others you can get in touch to have it approved.


Safety, Privacy and the Law


  • Think carefully about what material you post online – if you wouldn’t shout it in a crowded room, say it to a parent or be ok seeing on the front page of the newspaper – don’t post it!
  • Post anonymously – never provide information that could be used to find you like your name, your school or your location
  • Make sure your posts comply with our Terms of Use which reflect current Australian law
  • Do not break the law or encourage others to break the law or compromise their safety
  • Do not behave in a way that interferes with the site or another member’s ability to use the site
  • Do not post content designed to harm another’s computer, such as a virus


Student Voice Hub Crew

The following groups of people participate and monitor the Student Voice Hub forums to ensure they are a productive and safe space. Sometimes the Student Voice Team may edit, delete or move any material that is posted to the Student Voice Hub.

Student Voice Hub Editorial Team

VicSRC Executive Students

VicSRC Ambassadors

VicSRC Staff may drop in to say hello


While the Student Voice Hub Crew make every effort to keep everyone safe in this space, we may miss things from time to time.

If you have any concerns please contact us!