Are you Cybersmart?


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    Recently in my school, there is a hack that has been going around on Facebook, and it prompts the viewer to login to view a video that is supposedly them. Even though the first sign of the scam is the link itself, to my surprise, many students clicked on the link and put in their details, getting their account hacked and spreading the link to their friends as well.

    It may just be isolated to some students, but it does raised the question if students have learnt about cybersafety in their school. Some of them have, but apparently, some of them have not learn’t anything about being cybersafe. It may just seem like a relatively small problem, but all schools in Victoria are funded for the eSmart program.

    So my question is, is your school a Cybersmart school? Have they implemented the eSmart program? What do you think about the program?

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    I don’t think my school is a CyberSmart school, but that might be because it’s a solely VCE school and perhaps the program isn’t offered for Year 11-12’s? It’s surprising to think that students would actually click on the link, but by the sounds of it, the eSafe program is a step in the right direction?

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    Usually the program is offered to students from Primary School, but as school becomes crammed with the curriculum growing each year, the Cybersafety aspect gets phased out. It’s unfortunate that Cybersafety skills aren’t being carried through to the senior levels, but hopefully something can be done about it.

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