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    John P

    G’day champs!

    I want to know what are some of your school’s SRC or leadership teams’ greatest wins! Whether it’s big or small, a win is a win! Were there any barriers? How did you overcome them? Was it a whole school effort?

    One of the biggest wins at my school in recent years is the campaign to get school sport jackets. I know it’s seems like a very small win considering that most schools do have sport jackets as a part of their uniform, but this was a great win for the SRC as we’ve been campaigning so long for this!


    So… what’s your greatest win?



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    This year, one of our biggest wins was organising a ‘Real World Skills’ session at my school. We basically organised for representatives from Bendigo Bank as well as Housing Justice to talk about budgeting, taxes, superannuation and renting which was what students really wanted from our start of year survey.

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