COVID-19 and School

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    How is COVID-19 affecting your school? Do you have any opinions about future steps that schools could/should take in this situation?

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    My school has cancelled every excursion and we’ve had lessons on the basic information about corona. Honestly, I think we should just have online classes and yesss I know it will be a little bit harder, but at this point, safety first.

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      I agree Soso! Elearning is definitely a challenge for many schools, especially rural schools, but safety first.

      What did the lessons look like? We mostly received emails from the principal and one or two teachers discussed the issue with us in classes.

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    Online Learning during COVID-19

    Most students and teachers have probably heard of or come across Online Learning at some point in their school life in the 21st century. In the time of the Coronavirus crisis, schools are classrooms are slowly but steadily turning to digital learning.

    From personal experience, eLearning days occur at least twice every year at my school, and they have brought to light many ways of learning and teaching online. Lesson plans on Compass, class documents and resources, Google Drive, Google slides, Education Perfect, Quizlet, etc., all are great learning tools for schools to use and students to make use of.

    I have recently tested out a live stream video class at my school using Teams. It went well, except for the sometimes poor quality sound and video. But overall, I realised how fantastic technology is for learning and how not physically being there in class isn’t that big a barrier for learning.

    In the current health situation, I actively encourage schools to begin adopting more digital ways of teaching and learning. Not only do students gain essential independence skills which are required in university and workplace, but they also get to test out various technologies that can inspire and motivate them to learn.

    Please let me know what you think about this topic, and what your school is doing or wants to do regarding online learning.

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