Future of Secondary Schooling

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    Nina VicSRC Staff

    What’s right about the current model of secondary schooling? What’s not working? What are some ways the government could improve the delivery and design?

    Share your ideas here!

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    Is it just me, or is there way too much to get through in the school year? Theirs a whole curriculum that has been set for all year levels, but I find that theirs just not enough time if they wanted us to complete the whole curriculum. It’s one of the big reasons why a majority of schools don’t tick certain parts of the curriculum off, such as Civics and Citizenship, or they just through a bunch of subjects together and make it one very big one.

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    Although there are quite a few flaws in the current education system, such as there being a large amount of content that is often rushed due to the inadequate amount of time (as James stated above), but there are positives too. I personally have enjoyed the continuous involvement of applying what we learnt in class to the real world, not only in math but in so many subjects, such as science, geography and history etc. There’s also a constant loop of feedback that really benefits the learning of students, but of course in previous years we have done that too.

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    Nina VicSRC Staff

    Thanks for the replies! @The Positive Blossom, great to hear your school is doing such great work. Would you feel comfortable emailing us so we can find out more about your school as a case study for good practice? Thanks!

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    Nina VicSRC Staff

    The Victorian Government is making changes to the General Assessment Test (GAT). From 2021 students will get a statement for employers to ‘prove’ their literacy and numeracy when applying for a job or if your boss asks for it.


    “Explicit reporting of literacy and numeracy attainment will be introduced from 2021 to provide school leavers with clear and explicit information of their literacy and numeracy attainment.” (DET website, accessed 11/09/2019, https://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/teachers/teachingresources/discipline/english/Pages/litnumstrategy.aspx)

    VCAL and VCE students will both take the test and receive a statement to say whether they’ve ‘demonstrated’ or ‘exceeded’ literacy and numeracy standards.

    The Minister for Education also proposed linking year 9 NAPLAN scores to a report linked to VCE results:

    “He has proposed the creation of a new proficiency certificate tied to year 9 students’ NAPLAN results, which would reveal their proficiency in numeracy and literacy to would-be employers.” https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/link-year-9-naplan-results-to-jobs-to-boost-performance-minister-says-20190827-p52lcf.html

    What do you think of these changes and proposed changes to secondary school assessments?

    What will the impact be?

    We want to hear your thoughts!


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