Future of technology in schools

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    John P

    Recently there has been a lot of talk about how we use technology in schools. In particular, a school in Sydney has asked families to buy iPads for their children in primary school. Some schools mandate a BOYD program, or host their own technology to be distributed around for classes.

    What are the disadvantages and advantages for technology in schools? Are we paying too much respect to technology? Does it help us learn better? What are the consequences and what could happen if technology gets out of hand at schools?

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    Seth McLure

    Technology is always advancing and moving forward in Secondary schooling but I personally think that the technology in schools is over rated in some aspects. Including the daily information and the role count for students, etc. I don’t think that is necessary. But for all school work is very advanced and handy that you can do it at home and in class.


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    Especially with workplaces having technology being used more and more, I think it’s really important that schools are providing students with the skills to use technology. Whilst technology can have its distractions, schools should aim to help students develop the capacity to use technology in a way that is productive. I think technology does help us learn better especially for learners who a are visual based, for example being able to google diagrams or images.

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    I think that as tech is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives, it’s important to educate students on using it productively and safely! Schools are supposed to prepare us for our futures after all…

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