How can we keep the student voice discussion going while remote learning?

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    Due to COVID-19, we are all social distancing and learning from home. How can we continue the work we have been doing so far with our SRCs and school leadership around student voice? Are there new areas of student voice that we need to use now?

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    At my school, we have been getting both students and teachers to come forward with their stories around student voice and partnership, and we have been publishing them in our news letter! It encourages others to share their experiences as well as promote ideas in others 🙂

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    I think the most important thing is to check in with your student leadership team. If you’re able to come together and come up with a plan (it could be doing SRC/leadership team meetings via zoom or a like service, or something different altogether) and then present it together (maybe in an email or ask for a video chat with) to the teacher/leader of the program 🙂

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    Hi @passionate_dreamer!

    My schools SRC has been hosting online meetings and focussing more on how we can keep students engaged and help them step away from devices through the introduction of online clubs.

    We have weekly trivia, the Year 12’s have the ‘Student v Teacher Cup’ (where they do trick shots, bottle flips, lolly catches etc to win points), and we have clubs that are designed to get students away from their devices (Lego club, Knitting Club, book club, debate team, yoga sessions an that’s just to name a few)

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    Ahmed Shaikh

    Hi My Name is Ahmed.

    I have a question why do we have online classes and why dont´t senior have online classes

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