How do you create a 'community feel' in your college/school?

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    At my school, one of the biggest problems that our Student Leadership Team faces is that students don’t feel like they ‘belong’ to the school. With this lack of belonging, it is easy for students to disengage and feel unsupported in their education. I think that belonging is absolutely critical in creating a good school environment, where students can feel like they can participate in school activities and thrive. <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>How do you think we can combat this? </span>

    Background info on my school:

    – We have a student community of over 2000 students over Year 11 and 12

    – Students are allowed out of school grounds when they are not in class (ie during lunches and recess)

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    Hey Alyssa,

    I reckon to create a ‘community feel’ one way you could go about this is, if you have a house system at your school promote it more. This could be done through lunchtime competitions or other activities. It will help create a feeling that students belong to a part of the school, one thing you need to manage is that a house system doesn’t lead to distinct groups in a school, based on houses. However, I reckon this is a way in creating a “community feel”.


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