Let’s talk about your Primary to Secondary Transition!

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    Earlier this year at Congress 2019 the students of victoria expressed the need for more Primary and Secondary Transition Assistance, so what do you think? What was your experience like? We want to know what helped and what maybe didn’t as much!

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    Hey! So for me personally my experience wasn’t the best, it was hard since there were people I didn’t know and also people I have known for a long time, I’m still in my first year of high school but I have to say, it’s so hard to be a year 7 at my school right now. Year 7’s are treated differently from some people and people look down on us…a lot! I think that if a more helping hand in primary schools was there then some of these issues wouldn’t be as they are, and if “year level equality” (that’s what people at my school call it) was brought up in schools like mine it’d be a lot easier to be in year 7!

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