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    Hey guys! So I am from a small country boarding school in NSW and am looking to help make changes, like big changes that will benefit students and the future. I can’t say I’m the most intelligent person you’ll meet, but a couple of my friends and I came up with a thought of making a state SRC for NSW, like VicSRC, after attending to a leadership conference in Sydney. Since NSW is such a large state with a lot of schools, I think personally it’s a good idea, and having a diverse range of student inputs into our education and schools will be really helpful for the government. Take an example, recently all NSW schools had the metals subject taken out, which made a lot of my friends confused and a bit mad, but I believe if we had a state SRC, we could’ve had more input in that matter. Anyway, I just need some advice, thanks!

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    It’s great to see that the notion of a state SRC is being considered for NSW. To start off I think it’s crucial that you look at  organisations that can support you, for example  youth organisations and existing bodies. Having done that it also requires people to start it off, and if you have friends from a broad range of schools it could help. Alternatively, starting contacts and communication with your Department of Education can help you network into other schools and key educational contacts. Hope that helps 🙂

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    Hi! It’s so cool that you want to start up an SRC for NSW, you should definitely pursue that idea!

    I agree with Aaran, when starting out, it’s helpful to find allies, so that you have people that are supporting you from the very get-go. After you find a few supporters (like those mentioned above), I suggest creating a weekly/monthly meeting schedule for you and your team. Doing this will make you and your team accountable and that this project is going to be taken seriously. Then, nut out exactly what you want to achieve. What sorts of things do you want to happen with this organisation? What’s your vision for the NSWSRC? Do a bit of research as well, look at how similar youth organisations in your area started, maybe even reach out to them for advice too? Hope this helps, please keep posting on here on updates so we can support you through the process as well as hear about this incredibly exciting initiative!

    Good luck!

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    Cohen S

    Very cool, I hope this gets off the ground Ingrid. NSW used to have a statewide SRC, but it was not an independent body, and disappeared a couple of years back after a change of leadership in NSW state parliament (I think). Roger Holdsworth will know  lot more about it than me, I definitely recommend shooting him an email for some background info (http://asprinworld.com/contact_us). Maybe you could get a bit of leverage through that!

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