Proudest Student Voice moment?


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    comms queen

    What has been your proudest moment on your #studentvoicejourney so far? Is it something your students achieved? Is it a realisation or conversation they had? What keeps you going in the dark hours of the student voice soul?

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    AFTER 3 LONG YEARS, our SRC pulled off the making of 4 Indigenous murals (one for each of our coloured houses)! It took a long time to draft ideas, get them approved by Indigenous elders, paint them, getting every student to put their finger print on them and seal them. But after many long nights and desperately trying to get our paint stains of our clothing and floor, they still are hung proudly in our school. Displaying a more artistic form of student voice but also representation too our Indigenous community. And remains as one of our longest project but it’s still fun to see students searching for their finger prints on them at lunch times.

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