Real Life Skills Action Team!

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    Tafara Mhindurwa

    An education system where educating students on how to manage all aspects of life is a priority.

    These include:

    • work life
    • house life
    • social life
    • Civics & Citizenship

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    Education isn’t just about learning useless mathematics formulas that we are probably going to forget next month. It’s vital that our schools equip our future generations with REAL skills they need to secure a healthy and meaningful life beyond their studies. Let’s go Real Life Skills Action Team!

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    Tafara Mhindurwa

    Civics And Citizenship

    these skills include:

    • knowledge of voting
    • getting a passport
    • learning about the healthcare system
    • the legal system


    This skills are essential to adult like and life after graduation but students are not being taught these tangible abilities and skills. Young adults are being thrown into the deep end, without basic support and transition. something must be done

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    Caitlin Powley

    life skills are the building blocks that allow students like us to apply the knowledge we acquire in school, to real world problems and situations we face in day to day life.

    Maximilian education has advocated this need for gentrification within our modern education system stating, ‘life skills are an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life.’ Maximilian are not alone, there’s a multitude of organisations jumping at the chance to improve our education just like the real life skills team at 2019 Congress!

    So take the leap to improve our education system and really prepare the future generations for the challenges they will face with us!

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    House life is all about the management of the household ranging from banking, bills, budgeting, and loan processes, through to maintenance tips and tricks. These skills will equip you for your next washing machine breakdown, overdue water bill and all the other unpredictable challenges we face in everyday-post-grad-life and deserve a platform in the education system!

    If you have any other household tips, tricks, skills or information you think we all ought to know, let us know and reply below!


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    Sounds awesome! It’ll be great to see the action that continues on in this field, especially after the work VicSRC has been doing in the Real World Skills Priority from 2019-2019!

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