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    Do you guys have any advice on how to convince your school to make steps to be more sustainable?

    The SRC at my school has been trying to get recycling bins in the yard for a while. The school claims that we cannot have them as people don’t throw their rubbish out enough as it is. We’ve had a big push to stop littering yet the school still refuse. Any advice?

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    SVH Representative

    Hi! In my school we have paper recycling boxes in most of our classrooms, you could try that or you could try and convince your school to do what I like to call “Turn One Way, No Turning Back”, it’s just a week where you go one week where no one uses rubbish, you take away the bins and ask everyone to either take their rubbish home or bring no rubbish anyway.

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    Hey I recommend you checking Sustainability Victoria, they have some amazing resources for schools. They also have the ResourceSmart Schools Awards which is an amazing way to achieve sustainability goals for your school.

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