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    John P

    If you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, Premier Dan Andrews and Minister for Education James Merlino announced the return to school for year 11, 12, prep and year 1 students, and the rest at a later date.

    How do we feel about it? How can the transition process be made easier for students? Do we think its too early? What are the key concerns? How can students’ mental health be supported coming back?

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    Hey John!

    I’m personally pretty keen to go back as I feel like the quality of my work has been decreasing since the beginning of online learning. I don’t have a stance on whether it is too soon, but I think just having a date to go back to school is really helping students stay motivated because when everything was up in there air I know a lot of my peers we’re like “what’s the point” because there was no end in sight.

    My school has given a list of new things we will have to follow such as having to enter classrooms via outside doors, having separate entry and exit doors, mandatory hand sanitiser as you enter classrooms and one person per table, and having classes outdoors when the weather deems possible. These changes are quite significant and not at all similar to “just going back to school”, Its going to be very different and it is definitely going to be an adjustment for everyone.

    I think students mental health will be supported by wellbeing teams similarly to how its been working during online learning as the transition back is just as if not more difficult than the tradition to online learning. My school has daily check ins via email where you English teacher sends out an email asking how you are going and you can respond however you like (words or emoji etc). There is more of an emphasis of seeking support (because you cant give truly support someone who isn’t open to receiving it), My school has breakfast Thursdays for the year 12’s which is run by the wellbeing team and its a chance to have a quick chat to one of the staff while your making toast, milo or even as a group just talking about the stresses and worries you have at the moment. I know my Year 12 cohort is really supportive of the fact everyone has different issues and we are open to talking to each other about the little daily stresses which is really helpful for everyone.

    I think while you can try and support students I ultimately won’t have any effect if students aren’t open to receiving the support that they need which makes things really difficult, I think its not up to the staff to support students completely but rather students support students (and staff) and staff support students and staff… a bit of a big circle where everyone understands that we are all human and we all have complex lives.

    How do you feel about it and do you have any concerns about returning to school?

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    I think a big issue a lot of students will face (especially more senior students), is catching up on some of the content that’s needed. Sometimes the content that has been covered online can’t be delivered in the way it would have been face to face. So I think it’s important that schools support students by not having assessments and tests thrown at students when they return initially and focus on covering content that was delivered online (it’s good to see a lot of schools are doing this though 🙂 !)

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    John P

    @J_Rho great to hear the transparency in your school! Definitely agree – online learning is definitely not for everyone and we are all going to react differently coming back to school! Would love to see this consistent transparency in all schools though!

    I think the dates gave all of us a lot of hope and opportunity. I think as students we don’t feel as ‘in the loop’ as we should – the dates definitely gave a big sigh of relief.


    Great to hear how your school is supporting student wellbeing!!!!!!!


    Definitely agree. Support goes both ways and in all directions > students with students, teachers with students, principals with students, etc. It’s a give and take relationship! We wouldn’t thrive without each other.


    Definitely hear you there! My teachers have been holding off explaining work until we get back because its something that simply cannot be taught online!

    Agreed with your second point too! It’s definitely going to be a frantic first few weeks of SACs for most people and it’s up to schools to decide how they are going to best support students. My school has limited only 3 SACS per week as of next week, and spacing out common and non-common subjects so that students are likely to only have 1-2 sacs a week for the rest of the term(example, PE and Spesh in one week, biology and history in the other, etc).

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    Hi My name is Ahmed I study in Roxburghcollege.

    our school is opening at 9 June so I am happy to go to school.I just applied this blog this is my first time

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    John P

    G’day Ahmed! Welcome to the Student Voice Hub!! Recommend your friends to sign up and feel free to have a look at forum posts related to returning to school!


    What are your thoughts returning to school? Have you been enjoying remote learning? What things did you enjoy about it? 🙂

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