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    At my school rubbish is a massive issue and we have tried many ways of fixing it like more bins, easier to put stuff in the bins, last session clean ups, rubbish duty, yard duty, asking the students, plastic videos (a plastic ocean) and nothing seems to be working. Is there anything someone can suggest or what works in thier school?

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    You could possibly talk to your SRC about making rubbish free lunches compulsory. I know this is quite a common thing for primary schools and it seems to work pretty well. If you don’t already, consider starting up a green team with others who are also passionate about reducing waste and implementing sustainable practices in your school. It would also help to get a supportive teacher who shares your passion on board with this. One last idea is that if your school has a canteen, talk to them about possibly reducing the amount of plastic that they use (Eg. straws, plastic containers, cups, etc). Good luck! 😁

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    Yes! That’s an awesome idea!

    I’ve also heard of one school in Victoria (I can’t remember exactly which one) who also persuaded the school to remove all general bins and replace it with a paper and cardboard recycling bin as well as a compost bin. Their students are required to bring all their rubbish home, which also encourages their students to be more wary of what they throw away. I’ve heard that they’ve had some pretty good results! So that’s one idea, but definitely starting an environment and sustainability group in your school (if you don’t have one already) is a fantastic way to start.

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