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    Hey Guys!

    Following on from this article about tips for online learning, what are your tips and experiences with online learning? For those of you that will be returning to the classroom in less than 10 days what have you learnt during online learning that will assist you in the classroom?

    Online learning has taught me to appreciate how easy classroom learning is and the immense benefits of class discussion free of technological difficulties. Going back to classroom learning I will continue to seek feedback outside of class time and be braver in asking questions, If online learning has taught me anything, it is the value in having access to your teachers during class time because there is only so much that can be done online.

    What are your tips and experiences with online learning and how do you feel to be returning to school over the next month?

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    I think one of the main things I’ve learnt is about strategies that I can implement when doinghomework, and how when school returns I can be more productive with doing work that is set for home. I’m definitely excited to be going back and to see my mates, but I am gonna miss the late sleep ins.

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    John P


    Hey! This is a bit of a tricky question because so many of us experience online learning in different ways!

    Agreed with Aaran, I think those 8:55am wake ups will be missed by a lot of us! For me personally, apart from the things already mentioned, the biggest thing I’ve learnt is how to be accountable for myself and how I learn. It’s really taught me how to have agency over my own learning. More  importantly, I think this whole online learning experience has taught me how to voice my concerns when teachers aren’t accomodating to the interests of their students, and I can safely say that I am able transfer these skills that I wouldn’t otherwise have come to learn coming back to school.
    Being a bit of a negative Nancy here but one of the things that really got me down during this time was motivation. Online learning is very different for every student and for me it took a big toll on my mental health and just wanting to actually get out of bed to do school work was all of a sudden a big ask.

    I’ve always appreciated how valued education is in our country. This experience has definitely enhanced that view and as of late, I’ve been coming back to this thought to get me through!

    Oh, and having your phone in another room while you learn doesn’t hurt too!! I think the phone ban has tempted us all by now to use our phones during class one last time…

    VicSRC are holding consultations in the first week back of school and we would love to see you there! More info to come soon so keep posted!

    VicSRC are also doing a survey on the experiences of learning online and we want to know what has worked and what we want improved! This feedback will be sent to the Minister of Education!

    Does anyone else have any tips for learning online? 🙂

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    John P

    Sorry! Referring to the post above, I meant the 2nd week back!

    Come along to our consultations and make sure to register for the region you live! Your voice is important.


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