What does formal Student Voice look like at your school?

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    Do you have a Student Representative Council? A Student Voice Team? How do students become part of the team? What does the team do/decide? Basically – what does Student Voice look like at your school!

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    At our school we have an SRC which has a pretty complex structure. Essentially this year we have 4 portfolios: Advocacy (change within the school), Events (socials, formals, competitions, fundraisers), Communications (advertisement, promotion, media) and Communities (deals with clubs). Additionally we have Year Level Teams which are led by 2 Year Level Executives and made up by form representatives. In order to be part of a year level team, you have to be voted in by your class, however anyone can sign up to be part of the portfolios. The Year Level Teams essentially deal with specific issues/events relevant to the Year Level, where as the portfolios deal with whole-school based issues. Whilst our SRC isn’t solely focused on advocacy and student voice, we have recently been trying to push it more and more as a priority.

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    We have a Student Leadership Team (which was originally Student Council, NO idea why they changed it) that are essentially the SRC. Each year, we hold a training day, where the executives are elected (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) and our priority areas are decided. Therefore, each of our focus groups are different each year and are subject to what the SLT wants to do that year.

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