Who has nominated for execs!?

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    Anyone as pumped and excited as me? Would love to know who has nominated and why, I’ll start off. I’m going for execs because I’m passionately desperate for students all over Victoria to be unequivocally heard given that that is essential in making sure that everyone reaches their fullest potential. Looking forward to work with VicSRC together with all the other priorities that you beautiful people voted for!

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    I have!

    I’m going for the exec team because I’ve met last years team and love their energy, the dedication they put into the workshop I was there running for the Youth Disability Advocacy Service, and their ideas – in short, their vibes. I wanna keep that energy going!

    Also, seconded on the “unequivocally heard” part – I’m queer and disabled and we don’t get heard a whole lot as a rule. I want to bring our voices up! Its a big part of who I am, and it sucks that people don’t know how to interact with us normally – especially with disability. We just want to be like everyone else – part of the community.

    School is an essential part of a student’s community, so schools have to be on board with what their students need – VicSRC is a great supporter of that.

    Also, VicSRC Congress brought up so many cool ideas – I want to see them flourish into action!


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    Same here!


    I totally hear you with the ‘students all over Victoria’ part, I’m a rural student and all too often our experiences and perspectives are not taken into account in state level decision making :// while I’d never claim that I can single-handedly represent all rural students, I think having a range of students from across the state is always a good idea!


    Also I’m kinda sad that I picked such a boring username lol



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    I nominated for exec too!!!

    I’m super keen on student voice – we should be allowed to have a say about our education – after all, we’re the ones going through school. I’m so excited!!!!


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    I’ve nominated for exec too!

    I want to bring the issues that we care about to the forefront of the education system’s agenda. We need to speak up, and show the pollies that we are invested in our education and we want to have a say in how it is run. I think that the most important thing that we can do is to schmooze with as many different types students as possible, so that we can gain an understanding of the broad and diverse picture, rather than just our own immediate surroundings. That’s why I’ve taken up many extra-curricular activities this year, so that I can meet new people and learn about their ideas.

    Best of luck to everyone, it looks like a very passionate group of people!


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    Hey everyone,
    For those who aren’t running for Exec but have stumbled across this post, I highly recommend you vote in the elections. Often I think we overlook the importance of voting, but especially in elections for VicSRC Executive where your electing students to represent you on a state level, and govern VicSRC I think it’s crucial you read through the candidate profiles and make an informed decision. Best of luck to all candidates nominating!!!

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    The idea of being able to represent the student body and speak on their behalf feels like a privilege.

    However, I’m a bit concerned about how voting works. I started off pretty excited when I got to the voting page, but there’s way too much reading to do – and to imagine 15 year olds reading all those block of texts is hard. Also, the texts – hardly a 100 words – seem to show very little about who the person is. Voting feels like a tedious task and I really don’t know how to make sure I’m doing the right thing.

    I want to be optimistic about this, but I think what’s gonna happen is that people will vote for themselves as first preference, and the rest will just be randomised.

    I’m not saying that anyone is to blame, just facing sort of a dilemma.




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      Penelope, you definitely have a point. I think that there is a possibility that the only way to win is to enlist as many schoolmates as possible, which is unfortunate given that not all people have this opportunity. I think that it would have been good if there could have been a period before the voting where people could get to know the candidates, ask them questions etc. As for your point about first preferences etc., I get where you are coming from. On the other hand though, if we are to consider ourselves engaged youth, then it is a necessary burden to read all 35 candidate statements, this is in the best interests of the democratic process. Have a good weekend!

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    Hey Penelopy and Maximus!

    One of your Returning Officers here!

    Penelopy, I totally hear you – elections can be confusing, but I can assure you that the voting, as you will have noticed is done preferentially, via a third party voting program. This ensures efficiency and authenticity of the process.

    There are quite a few profiles to read I agree, and a short bio may not seem like enough, but then again, it would be extremely difficult for all the nominees to be able to get to know the electors face to face, as our politicians do during their campaigns. That’s why every application was thoroughly processed by us to ensure that every nominee on the voting list is verifiable. More so, at VicSRC, we believe that any young person is capable of doing big things with the their own motivation, passion and support! The students on the Exec are individuals representing ALL students of Victoria working at a state level, not students representing their schools. We also believe in voicing the view of every student, so in short, the only “right” way to go about voting is to think about how your view is spread across your preferences. Students are capable of making important decisions like voting for their representatives and we really encourage you all to read through the bios and not just vote for the nominee from your school without considering all the other equal nominees.

    That being said, here are my 3 voting tips for everyone:

    1. Read all the bios with actively – with openness to hear what your nominees have to say, but also with alert observation so you can catch yourself agreeing with or disagreeing with what they have put out. This is one way you can ensure that you’re voting for the people who will work for you over their term.

    2. If you are a nominee, think: Which of these people would I be able to work well with? I know that sounds like a given, but it can lead to some really critical thinking!

    3. If you are a voter but not a nominee, think: Which of these people best represent my views and thoughts? Which of these people resonate with me? Have I voted for nominees who solely represent my views only or have I allowed for some diversity and considered each of their characteristics/personas that I can infer from their bios?

    Maximus, thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into that more for next year’s elections. We did have a campaigning period which we  hope that you were able to use to its fullest extent via social media, keeping VicSRC in the loop with tags and on the Student Voice Hub too by reaching a wider group of students in Victoria!


    All in all, this has been a very exciting time without a doubt and I am keen for the results to be announced at our Student Voice Awards in October!!

    Ciao for now and let’s keep the conversation goinggggg

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