Join the Team

Three students from the Student editorial team working together

The editorial team exists to create a safe and inclusive space – an atmosphere in which student voice can be discussed by anyone; to ensure meaningful ideas and guide those ideas into actions. We encourage collaboration for change and active participation in local communities and beyond.

The editorial team works to the following guiding principles:

  • Content should always centre on student voice and promote positive, solutions based discussion.
  • Language should always be inclusive and avoid causing unnecessary offence.
  • Action should avoid harm and be focused on student participation and agency.
  • Our goals are to grow the community, increase creative capacity and foster growth and empowerment in both content creators and consumers.

Are you interested in joining the team? We would love to hear from you!

If you would like more information contact us.

Who can be on the Student Editorial Team?

The Student Voice Hub will accept up to six students to be part of the first Student Editorial Team.

Anyone can apply for a Student Editorial Role provided that you:

  • Are a secondary school age student in Victoria OR you graduated from high school in the last twelve months
  • Have read and understood the Editorial Team Position Description
  • Are committed to attending regular meetings and completing Editorial tasks in your own time as required (approximately two hours per week)

This opportunity is well suited to students interested in pursuing a career in writing, editing or journalism but any students interested in student voice will find the experience rewarding

Applicants will be required to undergo an interview process to ensure they are suitable for the role.

How will VicSRC support the Student Editorial Team?

The Editorial Team will be led by the VicSRC Communications Officer, with support from the Student Voice Hub Coordinator.  Other VicSRC staff will be available to offer support if required.

Benefits of being involved

  • Develop new skills in editing, publishing, journalism, graphic design, communications and social media
  • Contribute to the development of an online community focused on improving student voice across the state
  • Professional development – we will provide you with training, mentoring and access to professional development

What can you expect of VicSRC as a member of the Student Editorial Team?

  • To have your volunteer rights upheld in accordance with Volunteering Victoria’s Volunteer rights and responsibilities
  • To receive support and mentoring from VicSRC staff to fulfil your agreed responsibility
  • To receive feedback on your performance, and on request, written confirmation of the tasks you have fulfilled.

What VicSRC expects from you as a member of the Student Editorial Team?

  • That you fulfil the agreed responsibilities as outlined in the position description to the best of your ability
  • That you maintain open communication with VicSRC about your participation experience
  • That you uphold your volunteer responsibilities in accordance with Volunteering Victoria’s Volunteer rights and responsibilities