Prioritising a comfortable environment for the return to face to face learning in term 4 is crucial to support students increase their focus and motivation for the end of the year. 

 There are several recommendations students have made around the return to face to face learning, some of which can be enacted immediately and some which require more planning:  

  • Schools to allow adjustments to uniform/dress code to allow students to be warm and/or cool 
  • Students are enabled to eat and drink when they choose, providing there are no distractions to others or damage/mess in classrooms 
  • Students are enabled to go to the bathroom, take brain breaks, get fresh air when needed providing there are no distractions to others and that supervision is considered 
  • Schools shorten lesson times or adjust the timetable to provide breaks between classes to refocus and relax 
  • Students are treated with the same level of respect as adults at school and will be respectful in return 
Short to long term 
  • Reform of school uniforms/dress codes to be warm, affordable, and comfortable and students are part of the decision making/review process  
  • All schools should have energy efficient appropriate heating and cooling options inside and outside the classroom  
  • Anti-bullying, Aboriginal Cultural Awareness, Anti-discrimination, and Antiableism training is a mandatory part of the annual training calendar for students, parents/carers, teachers, school staff and school leadership  
  • Schools should update furniture to be more ergonomic and comfortable in consultation with students 

Compiled by Emily and Michael

VicSRC Student Executive Advisory Committee 2019-2020