Report: Learning from remote learning

June 22nd 2020

In term two 2020, Victoria began remote learning for all primary, secondary and specialist schools across the state. This change in how we do school brought challenges and opportunities for educators, families, school leadership and students. VicSRC has captured over 500 student voices in our report Learning from Remote Learning and provided six recommendations based on the experiences of students to create an even stronger Education State moving forward.
We encourage everyone interested in education to read this report and consider implementing the recommendations in collaboration with educators, students and families.

  1. Support and progress student agency as a top priority within schools and within the education system.
  2. Ensure every student has access to devices and internet to support their learning at school and at home.
  3. Have online platforms as part of every day learning including detailed lesson plans and easier communication between teachers, students and parents/carers.
  4. Make sure mental health is just as important as academic success and include regular wellbeing classes for all students.
  5. Schools and timetables should be more flexible about how students learn including shorter school days and longer breaks between classes to rest and refocus.
  6. Create a comfortable, safe and welcoming space for every single student.


Download the full report and the infographic below!

Learning from remote learning (1004 downloads)


Remote learning report infographic.pdf (784 downloads)



Since we’re not done with remote learning just yet VicSRC has adapted the ‘Learning from remote learning’ report into an easily digestible format with recommendations that can be implemented for this return to remote learning. You can download that below and see the full report at the bottom of this post.

Recommendations for returning to remote learning:

  1. All students are provided easily accessible access to mental health support.
  2. Schools should ensure the wellbeing of students, staff, leadership and families is the number one priority over workload and academic outcomes.
  3. Students must have agency over their data, bodies and learning environments during remote learning.
  4. Schools should prioritise student voice and agency during remote learning to ensure students remain empowered and motivated in their learning.
  5. VicSRC recommend the DET and Victorian Government prioritise education focused communications via appropriate platforms direct to students in a clear, accessible and timely way.
  6. Teachers and school leadership are understanding of the technology challenges faced by students and guarantee that no disciplinary measures will be taken in response to problems with internet and devices.
Returning-to-Remote-Learning-recommendations-and-advice-direct-from-students.pdf (642 downloads)