Top Resources 2019

Student Voice Hub Top Resources 2019

It’s been another busy year for the Student Voice Hub and as 2019 comes to an end we thought it would be fun to do a countdown of 9 most downloaded resources.

These resources provide easy to understand materials that can help you organise, explore complex issues and make sure your student voice is heard!

9. The ALTER Model – no questions

Some of you are out there making change in your schools and you don’t need our questions guiding questions cramping your style – go get ‘em student voice tigers!

8. OMG I’m Queer!

From our friends at Minus18 this resource is a jumping-off point for your LGBTIQ+ experience, whether you’re coming out, lost in a new world or just struggling to put words around your feeling – best wishes to everyone who’s got their hands on this ‘zine this year!

7. Tackling An Issue – DIVAE

No, that’s not our Operations Assistant extraordinaire Dave, it’s DIVAE! This is another planning model, for those not in the know. To those who’ve downloaded it… good job – keep doing what you’re doing.

Banner image of students writing

6. VicSRC Cluster Kit

Life is better with friends and so is student voice! Some of you are already on the VicSRC Cluster train and to you we say welcome. Some of you aren’t and to you we say… we’ll see you aboard next year!

5. Action Plan Template

More action! More templates! MORE STUDENT VOICE! Shout out to the people taking it to the next level with this action planner.

4. 2 Hour Agenda Example

Want to know what you can get done in two hours? Check out this packed agenda to model your own. We’ve got rough activity times, we’ve got activity detail, we’ve got change a-coming!

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3. The ALTER Model – with questions

Sometimes you want to know what are the best questions to ask when you’re making change, and boy have we got those for you. Tested over years in the toughest programs in the state, these questions have got your back!

2. What does Student Voice look like?

Want to know what you’re seeing? Want to recognise true student agency and voice when you see it? Look no further than this defining document, just waiting to help you on your student voice journey.

1. What is Student Voice?

The best place to start! Let’s have a chat about what student voice can be – because it can be so many things! But at it’s heart it’s all about listening to what students are saying, thinking and feeling.

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… Student Voice is about more than students having a say in their education; it’s about adopting a culture of inclusiveness where all members of the community are heard, respected and appreciated for who they are.