Key Qualities of Student Representative Team Support Teachers

We’ve put together a list of the qualities students on Student Representative Teams value in the teachers who support them!

  • Have the respect of the Student Representative Team
  • Are friendly and approachable
  • Respectful of all students, both within the Student Representative Team and in the broader student body
  • Listen to and are open to all students
Democratic facilitators
  • Ready to suggest ideas, but know when to step back
  • Willing to respect Student Representative Team decisions even if they don’t agree with them
  • Make the time to support the Student Representative Team
  • Bring useful and relevant information and resources to share; look forward and can see ‘the bigger picture’
  • Committed to the work and role of the Student Representative Team within the school, and how it can be extended and improved
  • Have the confidence and authority within the school community to speak and be heard in support of the Student Representative Team
  • Follow through on commitments and what they say they will do


Sharing tasks and collaborating on the planning of change with the students assists in building and reinforcing trust between you and the students.

– Teacher: Amanda Ibrahim, St Charles Borromeo PS –

Also available as a downloadable PDF

Qualities-of-an-SRC-teacher.pdf (143 downloads)

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