Moving A Motion In A Meeting

1. Ask if anyone wants to move a motion

They will say:

 I move to pass the minutes of/ to accept X/ to ask Y about Z”


2. Someone will second the motion

With few exceptions, all motions must be seconded by another member of the Executive. This is to ensure that the Executive does not spend time evaluating a proposal which only one member favours, and it’s why effective delivery is so crucial.

Ask: Who will second the motion?”

In a formal setting, they will say something along the lines of “I second the motion,” or even just “I second.”


 3. Vote

You will ask:  

“All in favour of the motion?”

People will raise their hand/say aye

Count the affirmative votes.

Unless the number of affirmative votes indicates an even split in the Team, you don’t need to request negative votes.


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