Planning Learning Together

I won’t ever plan something in isolation as a teacher again. I’ve seen first hand how important it is to put the students’ ideas and wants first.

– Grade 6 teacher –

Students and teachers can work together to plan the class’s learning. This is also called ‘negotiating the curriculum’. It can occur for an individual student, but also for the work and learning of the entire class. It means that all students and the teacher work together to plan the learning of the group.

Negotiation and planning can apply at all school levels, and it can be done differently in different classes.


What Can You Plan With Students?

KEY TIP: Curriculum negotiation will always be constrained and limited by factors out of our control. It is important to make these limitations clear to everyone and to establish what can and can’t be negotiated. This might mean that there is a set syllabus to be covered (either set by the school or by Education Departments), or limits on resources available, or school decisions on ways in which assessment has to happen. Some of these might be able to be discussed and changed at a school or system level through other processes.


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