Project Transition 2020, Warringa Park School – Case Study

FINALIST – Student-Led Project Award

The Student-Led Project Award is part of the annual VicSRC Student Voice Awards which recognises and celebrates best practice initiatives, schools and people in student voice. This award recognises a group of students that have implemented a project in their school or community with the intention of a clear positive change or outcome. The three finalists each receive a cash prize for their school.

The Student-Led Project Award is sponsored by the Asia Education Foundation.

Project Summary

The year 8 – 10 SRC students from the Bethany Road Campus at Warringa Park School chose to make a transition video of their campus to help the younger students at their school who will be coming to the Bethany Road Campus in 2020.

Project Transition 2020 Aims

Help students feel more confident when transitioning to a new campus.


The SRC students looked at their 2018 Attitudes to School Survey data and found that their peers had marked the area of transitions as a poor experience, so they did their own survey of the student body using a Google Form to ask them questions about how they felt when they transitioned from one campus to another. They then tallied the results and found that most of the students indicated that they felt scared and unhappy about coming to a new campus and would like some more support.


The SRC students discussed their ideas of how they could help to support the transitioning students and then made a collective decision to make a video of the Bethany Road Campus that could be shown to the students before they come on their transition day.

The students brainstormed what they would like to include in this video which included:

  • photos of the areas at the campus
  • the canteen
  • the uniform
  • wellbeing areas
  • what lessons look like
  • interviews with the staff and students about what they like at the campus

The students used the iMovie app to make their video and have collated photos they have taken of the campus and used a voice recording to explain the different areas.

Changes made

The Warringa Park School SRC students hope that by providing the students with a video of the Bethany Road Campus that they can view as many times as they like, they will feel supported when they start their new school year. They hope their 2020 Attitudes to School Survey data will reflect this change.

What’s next?

Warringa Park are still finishing their transition video – the next step is to record interviews with the teachers and students, and they hope to have the video ready for the term 4 transition period. They will survey the transition students in term 4 after their transition period to see if the responses to transitions has become more positive.

Warringa Park will ensure that the video is updated each year to reflect any changes in staff or learning areas – this will become a responsibility for the 2020 SRC representatives.

What does this mean for Student Voice?

This project has empowered Warringa Park students to use data to improve student experiences. It has helped them to see the connection between surveys they take, the data from these surveys and how students can contribute to solutions. It has strengthened Warringa Park’s understanding of student voice and the power of listening to others to make a change.

Student-Led Project Tips from Warringa Park School

  • Have regular meetings for your project.
  • Have students who were present at the last meeting give a recap of what happened for anyone who missed out.
  • Use your Attitudes to School Survey data to see what’s going on in your school.

The Student-Led Project Award is part of the annual VicSRC Student Voice Awards which recognise and celebrate best practice initiatives, schools and people in student voice. 

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