Student Representative Team Initiatives

This activity has been designed to get Student Representative Teams thinking about what they can achieve.


Before the Activity

Use the short stories to start discussions at an Student Representative Team meeting or training day about the work of the Student Representative Team.

Download then Print/Copy the accompanying PDF containing short stories about the possible work of the Student Representative Teams for the members in your team.

Student-Representative-Team-Initiatives.pdf (193 downloads)

Depending on the sizeĀ of your group, you could discuss these as a whole or break into small groups with each group receiving one story to discuss.


During the Activity

For each story, ask the following questions:

  • Is this an area that the Student Representative Team might be involved with? Why?
  • If YES, how might our Student Representative Team work on this topic?

Someone in the group should take notes. Someone should also report back to the whole group (if working in small groups)


After the Activity

Use this activity to develop a collective understanding of what your Student Representative Team wants to work on and how it might go about taking action.

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