Student Representative Team Support Teachers: Recruitment

There are many models for recruiting students to the Student Representative Team. Any of these models can be used to recruit a Support Teacher. Using the same method of recruitment for both students and teachers demonstrates a best practice approach to student voice, agency and participation.

As Principals are responsible for staff roles within the school, they are responsible to their school for the decision. However, there are easy ways to involve the Student Council and even the broader student body in this process.

Our top pick for recruiting support teachers is illustrated below:

KEY TIP: Want to have even more students and staff involved AND model a democratic election? Add non-student council students and staff to the selection panel and have an all student, all staff vote for the top nominees after interviews!

You can also download this helpful PDF outlining the process.

Student-Representative-Team-Support-Teachers_-Recruitment-1.pdf (112 downloads)

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