Student Voice in Action

Need some inspiration to amplify Student Voice in your school?

Check out these videos from the finalists from the 2018 VicSRC Student Voice Awards.

Primary SRC of the Year


Winner: Clifton Springs Primary School consists of students from year 3-6 who love their role as student leaders. They attend School Council meetings, meet with their own classes along with mentor classes from P-2. The SRC is committed to improving student voice in classrooms and to provide teacher’s feedback on their teaching. Surveys, suggestion boxes, feedback station and an app called Plickers have helped them to achieve this.



Runner-up: Castlemaine Primary School SRC consists of 8 SRC leaders who have paired up to coordinate four sub-branches: External Affairs, Internal Affairs, Student Activities and Environment and Sustainability.


Runner-up: Parkmore Primary School SRC are a group of students from grades 3 – 6. We meet once a week and share our ideas about school improvement then break into sub committees so we can work on a number of issues at once. We have been successful in presenting changes to our School Council and have had input into policy change. We recently met with students from another primary school to share our leadership ideas. We found this to be a great initiative.


Secondary SRC of the Year


Winner: With student voice being central to the ethos of the school since its inception, Nossal High School’s SRC has enjoyed a productive and blissful time of student advocacy. Enjoying many iterations before reaching its current state, the SRC is divided up into a General Assembly and an Executive Cabinet. Its main concerns are areas of student wellbeing, philanthropic causes and ensuring a transparent and fair platform for student democracy is enshrined in Nossal for many years to come.


Runner-up:  Portland Secondary College SRC is an inclusive leadership team made up of students from all year levels who work to represent and promote student voice. In 2018, our student leadership teams have been extremely active in with community and school based programs. With a steady increase in student numbers, we have been able to develop a range of leadership teams including Junior and Senior SRC and a mentor program run by Yr.10 students to assist with the Yr.7 transition.


Runner-up: Forest Hill College is in the second year of its new student voice model – Student Parliament. Each Homegroup is represented by an elected MP who takes their concerns, issues and ideas to Parliament, where the Government and Opposition parties (who each have their own policies) work together to come up with solutions to make FHC a great place for all students. Students develop leadership and communication skills, a deep understanding of Australian politics, and all students have a clear voice. This year our students have made huge breakthroughs in mental health issues, inclusion, arts programs and academics.


Group Action Award


Winner: In 2017, The Robinvale College SRC underwent a complete restructure, with interested students from each year level working together to design the group’s guidelines, goals, vision, and mission statement. The SRC surveyed the student population and identified bullying as the students’ top issue of concern, with other related issues such as feeling unsafe, racism and student-teacher relationships also highlighted.

The group then addressed their teachers at a staff meeting, before splitting into small student-teacher groups, and working together to brainstorm some tangible and realistic solutions. Following this workshop, changes have now been implemented at Robinvale College which has resulted in a real cultural shift within their school environment.


Runner-up: Wavelength is Braybrook college’s LGBTIQ+ and ally group, providing a comforting and safe place for students, year 7 to 12, that find themselves non- conforming or would like to show support for their fellow peers in the LGBTIQ+ spectrum. Our purpose is to promote an attitude of acceptance within the college community and raise awareness about the existence of those identifying as LGBTIQ+ and some of the issues they may face. In light of these issues, we raise money to try aid and help out those in the wider community who may not have the support services they need.


Runner-up: Plenty Parklands Primary School believes in student voice and has processes in place to enable student action which really makes a difference. A student leadership group (years 4 to 6) undertook a challenging Plan, Do, Study, Act, cycle which resulted in new school Purpose and Vision statements, a revised Systems Map and redefined Values.


Youth Leadership Award

Presented by the Newsboys Foundation


Winner: Whitney Eadon is currently studying year 12 at Bendigo Senior Secondary College and was elected President of the Student Council, which has enabled her to develop her leadership skills through leading and managing a team of 35 people. She is extremely passionate about creating an inclusive environment and ensuring all young people have a voice in their community. Whitney is a young social advocate working towards promoting human rights, gender equality and quality education for all. Whitney has been able to represent and advocate for student voice and social justice at the United Nations and to the Minister of Education.



Runner-up: Ned De Grandi, St Josephs College Geelong Ned De Grandi is a Year 12 student at St Joseph’s College Geelong. 2018 was Ned’s first year of school leadership, and he has held the position of a Culture Captain. This year Ned and his co-captain further developed the Victorian governments Respectful Relationships program at their school and throughout the Geelong region, giving an opportunity to present this valued program to 7 different schools in Geelong promoting respect for all people. Ned feels that leadership has been a great experience where he has been able to better himself and better his school culture.



Runner-up: Tiffany Yang, Mount Waverley Secondary College Tiffany Yang is a year 12 student from Mount Waverley Secondary School who identifies by the pronouns she/her. Tiffany is excited that with the generous aid of VicSRC and the Newsboy Foundation, her ambition to travel and learn from different cultures may be fulfilled. Tiffany would attribute her new found confidence and happiness to the opportunities presented through her advocacy work of student agency and voice.


Teacher of the Year

Presented by Pearson


Winner: Ollie Lovell is now in his third year at Sunshine College. At Sunshine, Ollie is the SRC co-ordinator, Head of senior mathematics, and a Learning Specialist. Outside of school Ollie runs the Education Research Reading Room podcast and enjoys supporting not-for-profits working with disadvantaged youth through Social Venture Partners Melbourne.


Runner-up: Isaac Ryan has been the Student Leadership Coordinator at Suzanne Cory High School for the last four years. He is an advocate for student voice and lead many initiatives aimed at ensuring students have a say in their school life, such as drafting a student-lead events guideline, drafting and conducting a student leadership training program, and introducing the Teach the Teacher program to Suzanne Cory high School.


Runner-up: Meiki Apted, is a VCE English Language and Drama teacher at Swinburne Senior SC. As SRC coordinator, she is passionate about student voice, and the need for students to express themselves and be heard. Meiki lives in Ferntree Gully with her partner and two brindle rescue dogs, Walnut and Willow.