Supporting a Successful Student Representative Team: Creating a Group Agreement

It is important that any new group agrees on how it wants to work together.

A group needs to establish:

  • How people should behave with each other
  • How decisions are made and meetings are run
  • When, where and how often the Student Representative Team will meet

See the Group Agreement Template for an example

Group-Agreement-Template.pdf (146 downloads)


Here are some ways you could go about creating a Group Agreement:



Call for all ideas what should be included in the Group Agreement and make sure these are recorded on a big piece of paper or on a whiteboard that everyone can see.

During this, there is no discussion or objections until all ideas are collected. Then, have a discussion about the ideas and how they could be combined or improved.

What you end up with can become your Group Agreement! If you have too many ideas to include them all, use a ranking system to cut it down to the most important ones.

Personal Commitments

Each group member writes down a personal commitment for each of the following:

  1. what they will do if they are having trouble completing something they said they would
  2. their ideal positive group behaviours
  3. what members should never do

Ask everyone to share their commitments and compare them all. Draw up a list of all the points so the group can discuss and make a decision about which ones they want in their Group Agreement.


KEY TIP: Make sure the group discusses the role of the Student Representative Team Support Teacher(s). There can be lots of different ideas about what the Student REPRESENTATIVE TEAM Support Teacher should or shouldn’t do, and these might change from year to year. Ensure there is space for the Student REPREsentative team Support Teacher to share any ideas or concerns too – they must be willing and able to carry out the role being discussed!


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