What does Student Voice Look Like?

… Student Voice is about more than students having a say in their education; it’s about adopting a culture of inclusiveness where all members of the community are heard, respected and appreciated for who they are..

Student Voice doesn’t just mean words or talking. Students’ voices, ideas and views can also be communicated in various ways – visually through drawings, videos etc., in practices through actions and even behaviour.

Students’ voices are around us all the time. It is how we – students, teachers and others – amplify these voices, so that they are heard – and how we recognise, hear and listen to student voice – that is important.

Student Voice can include:

  • Speaking out
  • Being heard
  • Being listened to
  • Being listened to seriously and with respect (including a willingness to argue with students with logic and evidence)
  • Incorporating student views into action taken by others
  • Sharing decision-making, implementing action and reflection on action between students and others.

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