Your 2019-2020 Advocacy Priorities

Every year VicSRC brings together over a hundred students from all around Victoria to ask what the biggest issues in education are and what can be done to fix them. The process of Congress can best be distilled with the image below.

What happens at Congress? 1. Pitch your education issue. 2. Students vote for the top twelve issues. 3. Develop plans for action on these issues. 4. Present your plans to education stakeholders (including students, teachers, principals, and the Minister for Education). 5. Students vote for the top priorities. VicSRC's advocacy is formed!

In the past we’ve had all kinds of things come up and we’ve made real change! Students sitting on the school council of every government secondary school? That was us! We’ve done curriculum audits and big projects and you can too!


So what were the top issues of Congress 2019 you ask? Why they’re right here:

VicSRC Congress 2019. Sustainability education. Politics 101. Inclusive sex education. Real life skills in education. Climate crisis. Mental health in schools. Building companionship to conquer anxiety. Indigenous awareness. Student Advocacy Leadership, Activism and Dialogue. Fundamental equity. Primary and secondary transition assistance.

Get the Congress 2019 Report here.